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Laptop Repairs DC Jack

The first signs that it’s starting to fail

The DC Power Jack on the laptop is also known as an AC DC (direct current) power port, dc power input, dc power connector, dc power socket, pin, inlet, prong, point, inlet, receptacle part, basically it is an inside piece in the laptop where the dc power plug (tip part of your AC adapter cable) plugs into. The first signs that it’s starting to fail is if for quite some time you had to wiggle the plug around to make the system power up or charge the battery, 

£49.95 + the price of the dc jack

it can also fail if you accidentally drop the notebook computer from a table and it lands on a dc power plug that would push and break the inside power jack connector of your laptop. Basically, if your laptop battery is not charging anymore, you have to wiggle or jiggle the plug constantly to make the system work because the piece inside is loose, the screen flickers, then it is probably the dc power jack issue. Remember you will only pay £49.95 + the price of the dc jack.