iPhone 3G Rear Cover




We will replace the back housing on your iPhone.

Is the back cover on your iPhone 3G damaged from a fall or looking tired from day to day use? Have it replaced with an Apple OEM rear cover and looking brand new again! The back housing and bezels we use are of the highest quality. The back housing will sit completely flush with the bezel and with the and the front screen assembly. With no gaps and no sign that the back housing has even been replaced, your iPhone will look brand new in no time.

Either bring the iPhone into store for repair or we can come to you. If dropping it in store, no need to book just pop it along and we will repair as quickly as possible. If you would like us to visit you to do the repair please contact us to arrange.

Additional information

Repair at shop

1 repair in store : £38, 2 We come to you to repair: £53

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